Lessons in life…

With my best friend passing away 3 months ago I’ve been learning a lot of lessons about life, death, legacy and what really matters. As I refine and organize these thoughts and lessons I will share them here as I do believe it will help others as well.

Now, of course not every post will be about Lilly, she would be embarrassed if it was. But in some way her death has driven me into dark rooms in my heart, trying to find comfort and to hide from the pain, but in the process discovering dirt that God wants me to clean out.

He is with me through it all and it is only in Him that I’m finding comfort and strength on a daily basis. As we move forward in our purpose it is sometimes our past, not necessarily stuff we’ve done but old ways of thinking, beliefs etc. that stand in our way or tries to pull us back because we believe the lies.

In this time I’m choosing to believe the truth about who God is and who He says I am, and from that perspective trusting Him for answers to my many questions.

And even if I don’t get answers, I believe He loves me.

And that is all I really need to know.