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Today, it’s an honor to celebrate the life of my best friend Lilly with everyone here. The list of people I want to thank is nearly endless. Just know I love and appreciate you all for being there for Lilly, especially during her last days. I can say with boldness that she loved and cared deeply for all of you.


Lilly was not only my best friend, but also my sister, my confidant. Our friendship was unexpected, yet well-timed by Jesus and I’m forever grateful for the time we had together. I thank Jesus for this precious gift He entrusted to me for a little while. She made a huge impact on my life, more than I could imagine.


Lilly was always ready for jokes and had a sharp sense of humor. She appreciated the small things in life with a child-like faith, and saw every opportunity as a grand adventure with Jesus. She loved singing and dancing and could break out in song anytime. The stuff she could come up with had me frequently cracking with laughter, and also more recently silently giggling on the Marseille busses and metro while the French look at me funny…



Yet, she could also switch effortlessly to deep, heartfelt and serious conversations filled with love and grace. She had the ability to reach deep into my heart, asking the hard questions, the difficult ones that shape and sharpen. Words cannot describe just how integral she has been these past 10 months when I moved to France. I trusted her, I knew my heart was always safe with her. I’m proud of all the victory and freedom she brought to many through this gift.


Lilly had a brilliant mind. She loved her work in neuroscience and got very excited trying to explain to me what exactly it entailed, even though I got lost, numerous times, at the word “ozone” and could never really find my way back through all the science. Her dreams for the African continent and what her contribution would be inspired me, and I loved those moments where we dreamed and prayed together for Daddy to show us how He wants to use our gifts and abilities to advance the Kingdom in Africa and Europe. I just want to take a moment here to thank Prof Brink and Corné. Thank you for believing in her and staying alongside her through the rough patches. I saw firsthand how much that meant to her. I’m extremely proud of her and I know you are too.

Mana, o motle haholo kajeno. Heaven suits you.


You are royalty, my friend. You carried yourself with grace and authority like a queen. Your wisdom and insight amazed me and I always valued your advice. Your passion for intercession and the Kingdom of God was inspirational, for it was in prayer that you were always fully alive. I learned a lot from your steadfastness, trusting in the love and goodness of our Daddy. You really loved Jesus passionately and now get to spend eternity with your Beloved. You are beautiful in every way.

Thank you for loving me, for believing in me, for praying for me. Thank you for being my number 1 cheerleader and intercessor, always supportive and encouraging. Thanks to you I know what “love stronger than death” looks like. Love that fights for us when we don’t have the strength or courage to continue. That Love, strong and passionate, is holding my heart steady through this pain.

The countdown was at 4 days.

It’s been reset.

See you in Heaven dear.

Ke a go rata. Re tla bonana. Tata wena.


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