Finding Treasures…

I had one encounter today that I simply cannot keep for myself and just have to share.

We are almost in the middle of a week of outreach together with a team from London. This morning we went out to do Treasure Hunts.

For those of you reading this and not familiar with the concept, let me explain real quick.

We spend some time together in prayer and trust God to give us “clues” or items for our “treasure map”. That includes any details about a place, names, appearances, symbols, a specific need or other information that God gives us.

So this morning as we prayed I received these clues for my map:


It was quite specific and Tharshish (my treasure hunt partner) received two specific clues as well: orphan and loved.

We head out to Castellane to find our treasure. We walked a lap around the area and walked down one of the lanes where the daily market is held.

On our way back towards the metro I saw her. I immediately knew it was her since she was a teenager, wearing a red jacket and sneakers. We walked towards her and as we came closer I shot up a quick prayer for God to help me communicate what He wants to tell her with my still broken French.

We greeted her and I just started talking. I told her that we received specific signs from God to bless her today, and that the red jacket and sneakers she was wearing were some of the signs we received from God. I asked her if we can pray for her for something specific and she said, still kind of shocked, that she is writing some exams this week and on 15 April and that she is kind of stressed.

Tharshis reminded me to ask if we can pray for her family too. I asked her if we can pray for her family too, specifically her mom and dad.

Her reply: “They died.”

My heart melted.

I looked at Tharshis to kind of give her a signal (she doesn’t speak or understand French) that the orphan sign was right.

At this point Sarah, the girl, was really amazed. She asked me again how we received these signs. I told her this morning we prayed for God to show us who He wants us to love and bless today. I shared with her how much God loves her and that she is never alone. Even though she is an orphan, he is always with her and has a great plan for her life, that she has a hopeful future. He wants her to know this today.

She was in a hurry back to school so I asked if we can walk with her and pray with her on the go. So we walked with her and I prayed for her.

When I said amen, she stopped, she smiled and couldn’t stop thanking us. She gave both of us a hug (which is not at all French culture) and said she really appreciate us talking and sharing with her.

God is so personal. He is so faithful. We are His hands and feet, finding treasures in the masses…


Picture: taking a break during campus outreach.

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