Zip ’em up…

After the weekend in July that I got to spend time with missionary veterans to France, there was one phrase stuck in my head that one of them said.

She said: “Trust God. The Holy Spirit will show you how to deal with everyone you come in contact with.”

Of course I trust God anyway for everyone that crosses my path. But this was different. As I thought and prayed about it I got a vision of interacting with different kinds of people.

Everyone that I came across in this vision had a zip covering up their heart. When I greeted them, time would freeze and within what feels like forever but is actually a split second, I’m able to see what is happening in their heart.

Greet. Time freeze. Zip open. Dead field. Speak life. Field comes alive. Say goodbye.

Greet. Time freeze. Zip open. Lush garden with butterflies and some weeds. Speak truth. Weeds disappear. Say goodbye.

I’m trusting God that this will continue throughout my life. That I will always be super sensitive to the Holy Spirit and what He is busy with in people’s hearts so that I can speak over their lives truth they need to hear.

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