Prophetic Word for France 2012…

This prophetic word for France was posted last week by Chris Wren James of


Ez 43 :1 Ez 47
I am releasing an unstoppable torrent of my glory across this land the dams of grace and mercy will begin to flow across this land bringing floods in the spirit and in the natural. I am breaking every hard impenetrable shell of heart of France and bringing in the true reign of Jesus and the true Kingdom of God in the land the Lord says.
You will see signs and wonders never before seen. There will be transformation and restoration as my people in this country understand my legacy my inheritance and the identity I would give them says the lord.
There is coming an age of grace where denominational structures will be overturned and those who will worship me in spirit and in truth will begin to rise up as one voice changing the spiritual temperature in this land to burning hot. I am turning my eye to France I have plans for good. I will uproot overthrow and build and plant says the Lord and my love will sweep across this land like a tornado uprooting structures and all things I did not plant will be removed and the true rule and reign of the kingdom will be birthed here. There is a time of the sifting of wheat, of the differentiation between sheep and goats there will be a sorting. I am sending my prophets both early and late and the name of the Lord will be proclaimed in the land.
The idols are falling- idols of materialism and the pursuit of mammon. I am interested in excellence not perfection. I am bringing my healing balm and raising up my healing prophets to heal this land.
My eye is on the sparrow in France, the little ones, the poor in spirit, I will pour out on the oppressed and those who have sat in darkness will see a great light, it will be like the star of Bethlehem leading thousands to the one true light, Jesus Christ. My revelation glory is coming to this land.
A time of enlightenment is coming to this land. The things of the past will be relegated to the past and a new NOW season is being ushered in.
I am preparing a people for myself the Lord says, to inhabit and not just to visit. There is being unleashed a river whose streams make glad the city of God. Le Jour de Gloire est arrive!!!
I see whole rivers of red as Jesus brings a cleansing to the land.
I see a demonic horde in fear and trembling as the land begins to be shaken.
I see the Lord raising His army of warriors in light armour – armour of light. A time of great overcoming is arriving.
The word and the spirit are coming together now and being released like a giant net over France. The enemies you see today you will never see again.

France- you are called as a nation of overcoming of mercy and of dominion in the heavenlies.
There is an underground movement gathering ground swell now. I see God joining up little streams, prayer points dot-to-dot. Many, many scattered seeds and a mighty harvest coming the like of which you have never seen.

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