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God has been so (extremely) busy in my heart the past couple weeks and I thought it good to try and focus some of these thoughts and feelings into something that might make some sense.

It all started a while ago when I was pondering about increased capacity. At that stage I was busy with multiple things with various deadlines and it was really overwhelming at one stage. I talked about it briefly with a friend of mine but didn’t really make notes or anything.

Recently another friend of mine reminded me that everything that might feel overwhelming at the moment is actually part of the process and that God gives us the grace to manage and finish what needs to be done. Being stretched increases our capacity for things that will come our way in the future. Nothing is insignificant or random. This reminded me of scripture I got a while ago in Matthew 10 where Jesus sent out twelve of His followers: “This is a large work I’ve called you into, but don’t be overwhelmed by it.”

“…when your heart starts to beat for what God’s heart beats, He’ll make a way where there is no way…” – Christine Caine 

My previous post about Presence just recently reminded me that it is God’s presence that gives us grace and peace and empowers us to step out of the boat with courage and in faith. That time we spend with Him sharpens our focus and makes our priorities clearer because we continually learn more about what makes His heart beat and that makes everything else pale in comparison.

 “…in each of us resides a hero – capable of giving the best of oneself. If you think of your neighbor first, you find the key to happiness. Here is the remedy for our crisis…” – Frederica Bedos

I have joined with countless others to Pray For France and today the prayer is that God would raise up a courageous people, talking about the book of Joshua (very significant in my journey to France so far). Not a coincidence I believe.  I’d like to share a little bit from today’s post:

“It is as passionate people that God sends us out to redeem the world for Christ. In every aspect of life, the prerequisite of victory is true worship in faith and obedience. It is the mark of a courageous people! Let us proclaim that He is the One who provides for us when we take the step of obedience in His word.

As early as the first chapter, God speaks to Joshua: “go…to the land which I am giving to them—the children of Israel. Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you.” It’s amazing to read that God does not speak in future but in the present: in His sight, this promise is already acquired, already fulfilled! “Be strong and of good courage.”


“…the word courage comes from the French word for heart (coeur)…”

Definition of COURAGE

: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

God has a great purpose, plan and destiny for your life. He’s got things planned for you that’s way bigger than you. He has planted a great cause and passion in your heart that He gives you grace for to follow after, and it will mainly involve Him in a BIG way.

Move ahead in spite of fear. Get out of that comfort zone.

You’ll be courageous and willing to be inconvenienced for what or who you’re passionate about.

Don’t lose hope.

Have the courage to pursue it…

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