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“As we learn to worship with purity of heart, our eyes will continue to open. And we can expect to see what He wants us to see. It’s in the environment of worship that we learn things that go way beyond what our intellect can grasp.”
– Bill Johnson, When Heaven Invades Earth

No wonder God has been calling me into more frequent times of worship and prayer with Him. Some things on my journey just don’t make any sense. And I am constantly reminded by God that things won’t necessarily make sense, that’s why I should trust Him. He is the only one who can give me peace that will go beyond my understanding because He knows my path by heart.

This is where faith comes in.
This is where I can rest in His perfect love for me, knowing that everything will work out.
This is where I don’t wait until “someday”, when I can see the whole picture, to start living.
This is why I can live today knowing that my future is already in His memory.
This is how I can know that He will direct my steps along the path He has already prepared for me.
This is why I can take that step out of the boat… again… and again… and again…
This is why I know the mundane of today is the significant for tomorrow.
This is when the experiences of my life culminate into one … important … task.
This is when my heart starts to explode with love for others, knowing He loved me first.

God speaks. Am I tuned in to His heartbeat? Does my heart beat with His to the rhythms of grace?

“Honor what God whispers, and take the time to listen to what He imparts in excellence to you. God is willing to speak to all who are quiet enough to hear. It is just a matter of pausing long enough to hear the Holy Spirit with clarity…”
– Lisa Bevere, Lioness Arising

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