What’s in a name? Cecilia…

Cecilia is a female given name of Latin origin meaning the way for the blind. It is derived from a Roman family name, which was itself derived from the Latin word caecus, meaning blind. “Cécilia”, “Cécilie”, “Cécile” and other variations, however, alter the meaning of the word, as they are derived from the french word “céscelisme” or in archaic french “céciaelism” meaning “one of the shining light” or “one of the world”. – Wikipedia

I’ve looked up the meaning of my name a couple of times before and I always only got the answer, “blind”, until today when the meaning included “the way for the blind” and “one of the shining light”. So as a result, I used to always pray: “Please God, help me to see more clearly the plans you have for me. Help me to see things like you do. Help me to not miss out on something because I cannot see what You are doing.”

God’s reply would always be: “Just worship Me more.”

I never made a connection until I read this quote recently in Bill Johnson’s book, When Heaven Invades Earth:

“As we learn to worship with purity of heart, our eyes will continue to open, and we can expect to see what He wants us to see.”

I now see the connection. 🙂

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