Daniel’s Moment…

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Special encounter today…

Daniel was one of the men we met today. It was so special. We entered his yard and Corne introduced us to him. He told Daniel that we come to Ikageng every week to pray for people in the name of Jesus, we’ve seen God heal so many, and that we would like to also pray for him. As Corne was talking Daniel burst into tears. It was one of those moments where you wish time would stand still.

No words.

No movement.

No camera.

He asked us after a minute or so whether we would like to come into his house to pray so we did. He had a stroke in 2004 and he’s been struggling with pain ever since. He visits the clinic almost every week. He specifically had pain in his shoulders, knees and in his left leg. Corne prayed for him, and while praying Daniel just continued to weep. I could just feel the love Jesus has for him, knowing that He was showering him with love and grace at that moment. I felt in my heart the whole time just to tell him that God loves him so much, that He is always with him and that He has not forgotten him.

After Corne prayed for him he tested whether the pain was better, and he said all the pain was gone! Daniel was laughing and crying at the same time, so overcome by God’s presence. Just as we were about to get up to leave, Corne said exactly what I wanted to say: “Daniel, God loves you so very much. He is always with you and He has not forgotten you.” The tears just kept flowing…

Nothing compares to seeing, in one moment, how Jesus touches a person’s life.

I will never forget Daniel.

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