Attacked by an army of seagulls…

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Oh, it was such a great time in Cape Town and I was really blessed to meet great people and encountered some divine appointments. 🙂

United Pursuit Band had three worship nights in Cape Town during my time there and I had the opportunity to attend all of them. It was simply amazing! These were times of just soaking in worship in God’s presence.

While in Cape Town I decided to attend every possible event that I can. One of these was Campus Harvest. It was definitely worth it! What a refreshing day it was, just stirring and confirming my passion to reach the nations for Christ and sharing that passion with others.

I joined a Francophone life group one Friday and really enjoyed it! It just made me realise how much I should still work at my French. I could pick up some words during conversations but I realize there is still a long way to go to be able to speak fluent. 🙂

So the one Saturday I went to visit a friend in Table View. We decided to get some lunch and eat it while sitting on one of the benches on the beach in Blouberg. The scene was serene and beautiful… until one drifting seagull decided that what was left of our lunch looked rather attractive. He made a couple of charming  sounds, which we later realized was a command to the rest of the seagull army to mobilize, and within seconds a full blown raid was launched and there was no room for negotiations. It was a drop and GO situation! I managed to take a quick snapshot of the army advancing south for their next victim….

I just loved the public transport system in Cape Town and was regularly in a taxi or train heading somewhere. One day I went to Kalk Bay in the train with Teddy, one of my French friends. It is so beautiful there. We walked around a bit and went to the harbour for lunch. Few things come close to fresh hake at Kalky’s! 🙂

On Spring Day (which was more like mid-winter, cold and rainy) I was at the Waterfront to meet a friend for coffee. After our appointment I just roamed around the Waterfront and stumbled upon the big screen in the amphitheatre that was set up for the Springbok rugby team send-off to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. After singing the national anthem, and feeling a smidgen of patriotism, I realized that I’ve been standing next to Helen Zille the whole time. I said “Hi” and we had a quick chat.

One of my train trips was to Stellenbosch to visit a friend. In Stellenbosch we had a great brunch and a good heart-to-heart. From there we went to Franschoek. I just love that little town. I always find myself wondering through that little bookshop. The owner was there and said he is retiring and that he is moving to France. So if any of you are interested, the price is only R 150 000 🙂

The next day we went to the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. There are so many little shops and delis and little fresh produce stalls. I just love the Neighbour Goods Market and I’m happy that there is one launching in Johannesburg also. Lettuce turnip the beet!

My last dinner with friends was at Eastern Food Bazaar and we had so much fun with Liesl telling some stories from her travels and showing pictures of her friends in Gautemala. She said one of the languages in Gautemala is Chol (translated to Afrikaans, nonsense). Imagine, if she can speak Chol and list it on her CV: I can speak fluent nonsense…. hahaha!

My heart was so heavy saying goodbye to Cape Town. It was good to catch up with old friends and I made so many amazing new friends. I will definitely miss everyone; the noon gun on Signal Hill that made me think on more than one occasion that a bomb exploded somewhere just to check the time and realize “no, only the noon gun”; Metro Rail for endless options in cheap train travel and interesting people; Peninsula Taxi Association for cheap and fast and crowded transport; MyCiti bus for cheap and spacious transport; Eastern Food Bazaar which I’m sure is owned by the Mafia with chefs from heaven; True Cape milk; Table Mountain in sunshine and night lights; Kloof street where everyone looks like a celebrity; banana and coconut french toast with cuppacino breakfast with Carmen; the ocean; stunning beaches; and exquisite sunsets…

I’m spending time with my precious family now in Gauteng and will return home (to my friends who are making it very clear that it is time to come back!) by mid September.

I am so excited about what lies ahead!

Loving God, loving people….

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