Zimbabwe Outreach ~ March 2011

This outreach was amazing! I can’t remember everything that happened in detail, but with the help of over 3700 team pictures (of which I’m only posting about 50) I will try to recall as much as possible.

We were 15 people in the team who traveled to Zimbabwe in 4 cars.We left Potchefstroom @ 4h30 am and arrived at the Zimbabwe border at Beitbridge by 13h45 the afternoon. We waited quite some time at the border because it was a Friday afternoon, very busy. Two cars managed to get across very quickly but Victor’s papers weren’t correctly certified, so they got stuck for another couple of hours. At one stage we thought that they would have to turn back to Potchefstroom because the officials were not very helpful and they wanted bribes. By some miracle, they managed
to get across and eventually after 4 hours at the border we could continue our journey to Bulawayo.
Bethany, Leno and I celebrated with an icecream 🙂

We arrived in Bulawayo Friday night after 975km at around 22h30 exhausted and I first thought that we’ll travel to Plumtree the same night, but that was luckily not the case. We separated into groups for sleeping arrangements. On Saturday morning we had a meeting and breakfast before going house-to-house to minister to and invite the locals to the crusades. Pastor Wiseman said that even our presence there brings a change and new hope for the people. We were divided into groups and went into various directions, praying for people at their houses. I prayed for one guy that was stabbed in October 2010. He had pain and his belly was swollen as a result of the injury to his intestines. After I
prayed for him all his pain was gone!

We came back and shared testimonies. After lunch we prepared and went to a house church in another part of Magwegwe North (a suburb of Bulawayo). We spent about an hour there with Marnes preaching and praying for a couple of people. From there we went home and prepared for the open air crusade at the shopping centre parking lot.  When we arrived, Bethany saw a guy selling Mopani worms and she ate one.

We started of by singing a couple of songs, my favourite part. The people came together and Marnes preached the Gospel and prayed for a couple of people. Afterward the team made lines and the people came to them for prayer. For what seemed like an hour, the team prayed for people and it was as if the people just multiplied.

The next morning, on Sunday, we had a house church service at Judah Life Changing Ministries where we had a great time of worship. Marnes preached and we prayed for everyone there. From there we left to have a quick lunch and were off to the next service in the afternoon with Pastor William Undy at Christ Life Ministries. He has an amazing testimony. He saw Marnes preach on the Spirit Word Channel and decided to visit our ministry in South Africa. He attended one of our Sunday services, where Marnes preached in Afrikaans. He was so blessed anyway and Marnes gave him a couple of sermon cd’s (in English) to listen to. He saw on Facebook that we’ll be in the Bulawayo area and invited Marnes to preach there. From there we left and were off again to the open air crusade in Magwegwe North.

It rained very much on our way back to Magwegwe North. A couple of us were on the back of Kobus’s bakkie and the guys got soaked 🙂 We managed to pull over the cover of the bakkie, but still got wet.

The crusade was amazing and we prayed for hundreds of people after Marnes preached.

Monday morning we went into town to Bulawayo. We stopped at a mall to get some groceries to take along to Plumtree as we didn’t quite know what to expect. We explored the mall a bit and went out onto the streets of Bulawayo. I quickly stopped at Twitters Internet Cafe to post a quick Facebook status update 🙂 After an hour or so we went back to Magwegwe North to pick up all our luggage.

We left for Plumtree around 13h00 and arrived at 20h00, 185km later. The road from Bulawayo to Plumtree self was tarred and in very good condition. It took us an hour to get to Plumtree. From there we travelled further on a gravel road in very bad condition to Khame. It felt like we were driving forever.

Khame was….Africa 🙂 No electricity, we slept on the floor and used buckets to wash. The team’s attitude was great about everything and not once did anyone complain.

The first morning we divided into groups and went into the village to minister at the houses. I was in Hesti’s group and at first did not find many houses with people. At one stage we arrived at Khame Primary School. Hesti prayed for a boy, his name was Challenge and he was deaf. He could not hear at all and had to read lips. After Hesti prayed for him in the classroom, all his friends and fellow learners witnessed his ears open and he could hear when we spoke. When we met the principle Mrs. Moyo, she thought it best if we could go to each classroom but she soon realised that it wouldn’t work. We also had limited time available, so she arranged for the kids to assemble outside. There were approximately 500 children. They were very quiet while walking in their class lines to the assembly point. As they assembled I could just feel God’s presence with us. Hesti shared about the Gospel and the kids listened intently. I’ve never seen so many children at a school keep quiet for so long, listening to someone preaching. It was amazing. She testified about praying for Challenge and that his ears opened. She called out his name and he stood up in front of everyone to show them that it was true. Jesus healed him. We prayed for all the teachers and some of the sick children and had to return.

It was great to hear all the groups’ testimonies. I wish I had supernatural memory to remember everything!

That evening we had a crusade under the trees in the middle of nowhere, donkeys grazing, a herd of cattle passing by and children playing nearby. It was fabulous! I just took in and enjoyed every moment.

Marnes prayed for this lady with the blue shirt who was deaf. After praying and testing she could hear him as he stood far away. There was a also a man whom Marnes prayed for, whose arm was healed. When he lifted up his arm, he cried out: “It’s true!” The teachers of the school also came and Bethany spent some time with them teaching them songs etc.

After the crusade, while we waited for dinner, around 22h30 a family arrived for prayer and we all realised that they must have been walking for hours and wasn’t in time for the crusade.

That night I didn’t get much sleep and spent 2 hours outside, stargazing and I slept on wheelbarrow for a couple of hours. It felt like quality time with God, and while outside He said to me: “You’ve never experienced a love like Mine before. Tell and show everyone, be My hands and feet. Words cannot express My love for you. My love is at the heart of everything, it’s the motivation for everything.” That moment changed my life.

Early morning coffee at the fire seemed like a lifesaver everyday 🙂 We all prepared again for groups to go out to minister. A couple of us stayed behind with Marnes for a last service.

The others team members came back and shared testimonies. While we were packing and waiting for lunch people still came for prayer from all over, walking great distances to be prayed for.

We left for Bulawayo by 12h00. On our way to Bulawayo we decided to go all the way to SA and to not spend the night in Magwegwe North. After 21 hours we arrived safely in Potchefstroom.

I would go back anytime. Even with the discomfort of not having basic facilities that we have in SA, like a bed, flushing toilet and shower, the Gospel makes it worth it all. Seeing and experiencing people’s lives changing are amazing. It is as if my heart can explode of love for the people. I’m just humbled with the thought that God is using me.

Like Gerrit (on the outreach team) said: “Grace came to Bulawayo and Khame (Plumtree), Zimbabwe. Christ showed Himself faithful; the Love of God in action. The blind saw, the deaf heard, the sick were healed, the unbelievers were saved. I am stunned by what I saw this week.”

Romans 10:15
“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings!”

Mark 16:20
“And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord kept working with them and confirming the message by the attesting signs and miracles that closely accompanied [it].”

(read some of Gerrit’s testimonies about the Zimbabwe Outreach @:

I will edit all the footage (about 8 hours thereof to be edited into about an hour DVD) of the outreach.  I will keep you updated on the progress and when it will be available 🙂

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